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Multi Voucher Printing for Group or Ledger
With this add-on, users get Multi Voucher Printing for GroupWise Filter or Ledger Wise Filter for any type of Vouchers.
Code : 212 Price : Rs. 1770   (Incl. Tax)
Display Part No. in Price List
With this add-on, Users can View Part No. in Price List.
Code : 215 Price : Rs. 1180   (Incl. Tax)
Additional Discount in Price List / Price Level
With this add-on, User gets facilities to Additional Discount in Price List. When User Select Price level Voucher Entry time then Fetch Additional Discount from Price List in Column. As well as Additional Discount Print in Sales Invoice.
Code : 217 Price : Rs. 1770   (Incl. Tax)
Multi Emailing Receipt Voucher
With This Add-on user get Facilities to send emails of Receipt Voucher for selected parties.
Code : 225 Price : Rs. 2124   (Incl. Tax)
Voucher type wise Printer Selection
With This Add-on user gets Facility to select Printer as per Voucher Type for Voucher Printing. User can select different Printer for different voucher type and that printer will be automatically selected when that voucher is printed.
Code : 226 Price : Rs. 1180   (Incl. Tax)
Display Item & Part No. Alias during Voucher Entry
With This Add-on user gets Facility to Display Item and Part no. alias during voucher entry.
Code : 227 Price : Rs. 900   (Incl. Tax)